Discografía de Pantera - Cemetery Gates

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Discografía de Pantera - Cemetery Gates


A todos los fanáticos de Thrash Metal los invito a Escuchar Musica en Linea de Pantera, ésta banda estadounidense hoy nos deleita con su éxito Cemetery Gates, que fue lanzado en el año 1990, dentro de su álbum Cowboys from Hell, que viene a ser el quinto álbum de Metal, que forma parte de la Discografía de Pantera.
El disco Cowboys fron Hell logró obtener Disco de platino en Estados Unidos por su venta venta de copias, además éste es uno de los mejores álbumes de Pantera.
Es una pena que el grupo Pantera ya no estén juntos, pero que estuvieron en actividad desde el año 1981 hasta 2003, convirtiéndose en una de las mejores bandas de Thrash Metal del mundo.

Ahora te invito a Escuchar Musica en Linea, ver el vídeo y cantar con la Letra de Pantera, espero que te guste y lo disfrutes de éste y más sencillos de Thrash Metal.

Letra de canción: Pantera - Cemetery Gates

Reverend, reverend,
is this a conspiracy?
crucified for no sins
no revenge beneath me
lost within my plans for life
it all seems so unreal
i'm a man cut in half in this world
left in my misery
The reverend he turned to me
without a tear in his eyes
it's nothing new for him to see
i didn't ask him why
i will remember
the love our souls had sworn to make
now i watch the falling rain
all my mind can see
now is your (face)
Well i guess you took my youth
and gave it all away
like the birth of a new-found joy
this love would end in rage
and when she died i couldn't cry
the pride within my soul
you left me incomplete
all alone as the memories now unfold.
Believe the word
i will unlock my door
and pass the cemetery gates
Sometimes when i'm alone
i wonder aloud
if you're watching over me
some place far abound
i must reverse my life
i can't live in the past
then set my soul free
belong to me at last
Through all those complex years
i thought i was alone
i didn't care to look around
and make this world my own
and when she died
i should've cried and spared myself some pain...
you left me incomplete
all alone as the memories still remain
The way we were
the chance to save my soul
and my concern is now in vain
believe the word
i will unlock my door
and pass the cemetery gates

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